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Why All Pure?

We offer an organic product that we produce through all green standards and with all food grade equipment. Our evaporator is highly efficient helping us produce more syrup from the sap we collect. We also provide our product in glass jars instead of plastic jugs.

100% Organic


NO high-fructose corn syrup



1 Pint Jars



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Our Story

At All Pure Products we produce and sell 100% organic, natural maple syrup. We are located in a rural community in northwest Ohio. The woods used in the collection of sap for our syrup have sat on family property for generations. A few years ago we built a sugar shack that houses our evaporator, the machine we use to cook the sap down into syrup. We work hard to ensure our standards of production are green. We are also USDA Certified Organic (OEFFA).

Come mid-February we head out to the woods to begin tapping the trees. We clean up the paths from any fallen trees and debris and set up the food grade buckets and hose that help us to collect the sap. Once temperatures hit freezing at night and above freezing and sunny during the day we are in action. Each day we collect the sap and take it back to the sugar shack where we fire up the evaporator, running it with wood that we have cut and collected. The evaporator is a pretty powerful machine and makes a high quality product. Where most evaporators require 40 gallons of sap to put out 1 gallon of syrup, ours is super-efficient and usually only takes 30 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup! This allows us to tap more trees and get more syrup out of the season.

We at All Pure Products have a true passion for farming, providing local and delicious food, and also educating the public on how their food is produced. From tree to table we take care to make the syrup with high standards. We hope you enjoy our tasty products as much as we do!

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locations to pick up some of our products!


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  • Artisan Floral & Gift Boutique 106 N Union St, Bryan, OH 43506
  • Leisure Time Winery 16982 County Rd M2 Napoleon Oh 43545
  • Seasons' Eatings 719 N Perry St Napoleon Oh 43545
  • Sunday's Market 313 Main St Pettisville OH 43553
  • The Upper Crust LLC 206 N Fulton St Wauseon OH 43567


  • Pettisville Meats 6188 County Rd 36 Butler IN 46721
  • Grabill Country Sales 13813 Fairview Dr Grabill IN 46741
  • 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op & Deli 1612 Sherman Blvd Fort Wayne IN 46808
  • Fair Oaks Farms 964 N 600 E Fair Oaks IN 47943

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Lori Parsell, Sales Manager

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Usually replies within 24 hours or 1 business day. We're located in Bryan OH, USA.